Working peo­ple de­liv­ered Biden his vic­tory. Now he needs to de­liver for them.

But the re­sult was also a warn­ing for Biden: In the midst of over­lap­ping na­tional crises, his ad­min­is­tra­tion has a crit­i­cal win­dow to de­liver for the work­ing peo­ple and young peo­ple who got him elected. If he fails to meet the mo­ment — if he seeks in­stead to re­turn us to a normalcy” marked by cor­po­rate hand­outs and ex­treme in­equal­ity — then the next Trump might be far more dan­ger­ous than the one we just de­feated. We can see hints of this al­ready in the way vot­ers of color — peren­ni­ally taken for granted by the Democratic Party — shifted mar­gin­ally to­ward Trump in 2020. Though they still car­ried Biden to vic­tory by a 46-point mar­gin, the les­son is clear: The Democratic Party ig­nores its base at its own peril.

Nina 🙌🏽