I really hate that notifications on iOS has turned into ads 🤬 I get constant notifications from all sorts of apps prompting me to open the app. I think it’s pretty invasive and I think I’ll disable notifications for any app that does this moving forward 😎

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  1. greghiggins greghiggins
    @smithtimmytim I've become so protective of what apps I allow to send me notifications. To me its a sacred thing that needs to be earned. And very few (even Apple apps) have earned that right.
  2. fgtech fgtech
    @smithtimmytim I complain about Apple a lot, but this is one thing they got completely right. I get absolute control over what apps are allowed to send me notifications.
  3. smithtimmytim smithtimmytim
    @fgtech very true! I’ll be doing an audit of my notifications and I’m glad I can do that easily on iOS.
  4. greghiggins greghiggins
    @smithtimmytim I’m weird about things like that. My phone doesn’t ding or make a sound at all. It only vibrates when I get a phone call. I don’t have badges on for anything except task management. Only thing on my Lock Screen is tasks, calendar and phone calls.

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