Last Night’s GOP Insanity Proves How Much the Two Parties Need Each Other

In many respects, the RNC is an ugly mirror image of last week’s Democratic convention. Neither offers any real solutions to the growing number of Americans desperately trying to keep their heads above water in an unprecedented crisis; each offers only empty signaling instead of actual policy, right-wing grievance for the RNC, and lip service to tolerance, inclusion, and civility for the DNC; each talks up the limitless potential of the American people that mysteriously can’t extend to halting the pandemic, for Republicans, and achieving universal health care, for the Democrats; both are corporate-funded affairs headlined overwhelmingly by millionaires and billionaires pretending to be the tribune of workers; and both are aligned with different news networks who spend the proceedings aggressively gushing over or fact-checking what they see, depending on whose convention.

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