I’m excited to see Indigenous come to the Mac! I’ve been using it to post notes and photos to my site on iOS and really enjoy it.

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  1. Gabz Gabz
    @smith ha! I’ve never heard of this trinket before 😁, need to check it out
  2. maique maique
    @Gabz Same here. What are the advantages of this one, @smith ? Say over the official app, or Gluon ?
  3. smith smith
    @maique @Gabz the app is a micropub client as well, which is how I post directly to my site and it syndicates everywhere. If you’re using a hosted microblog, the official app or Gluon is the way to go for sure.
  4. maique maique
    @smith Thanks. I do like to experiment with new apps, and this seems like a cool new toy. Really happy with both the official app and Gluon, and Sunlit is becoming indispensable as well for photos, but no harm in giving this one a try, right ? 😊
  5. manton manton
    @maique @smith I've tested that Indigenous does work with Micro.blog, with some disclaimers... You'll need to add an app token (in M.b under Account → Edit Apps), and a couple things are not supported (like "liking" posts). But reading the timeline and basic posting should work.
  6. maique maique
    @manton Oh, cool, good to know. I’m not ready to leave the official ones behind (love them forever and ever 😊) but sometimes insomnia strikes and I might give this one a go... Not today, as I just saw there’s a new Core Int episode! ☺️
  7. manton manton
    @maique 👍 More apps are good. I might file a bug with Indigenous for a couple improvements.
  8. ndegruchy ndegruchy
    @smith Nice. Though, it's an Electron app. I know it makes supporting multiple platforms easier, especially for people used to web development; But boy howdy does it eat some resources. I'll stick with native apps or the website, thanks.

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