Ok, so I just pushed some pretty awesome things to my site and wanted to tell you about them! I am feeling the love of development again and you bet your ass I’m riding this high.

First up, I added a better archive page. You can now browse by topic and series. Notes are separate from articles in the archive for better scan-ability. I hope this helps people better find valuable content that I wrote a while ago. I’m slowly migrating what I consider to be the “best” things I’ve written over the years and giving them a final home on my personal site. You may have noticed that I’m not writing Bright Pixels anymore and as such, I’ve decided to keep things simple by housing it all here.

This is stuff that I feel no one else worries about, but I think this is the neurosis that goes with the fundamental belief of owning my own content. I’m giving myself a bit of freedom and letting go of how strict I’ve been about this though.

I used to think that I should never break links. That it was my responsibility to keep up everything that had ever been put on the web. I notice a lot of web people tend to host their archives from more than a decade ago. This sounds nice as an idea, but it’s a nightmare in actual practice. And I get that this has been my fault too. I lack any sort of creative contentment and I seem to constantly create new projects just to fucking quit on them later when I’ve realized I don’t have the bandwidth to actually do them. inhale. Look who’s therapy copay is paying off.

Everything I’ve ever written is a lot of stuff and frankly not all of it is great. But some of it is meaningful to me. Like this post I wrote about my depression. I’m so grateful I have posts like this that preserve who I am and what I’m feeling in that moment. I’m a thoughtful person who loves to revisit who I was and reflect on things I can improve about myself. In this particular case, it’s interesting and heart-breaking to read how I was feeling about my depression, yet I feel excited and relieved to feel far away from the despair of before.

And that’s what owning my content is all about. At the end of the day, it’s a record of me and my life. That I existed. That I lived. That I loved. That I was passionate and excited about things. That I was sad and sometimes couldn’t see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. And I think it’s insanely valuable to have that for yourself and for people who love you.

This is all to say that all will live here from now on and if I want to delete something because it no longer aligns with my current values, I’ll do that too. It’s owning my content, but’s it’s also owning my content on my terms. And I think that’s an important distinction.

As I was saying, there are more cool features I added! I added a coding section to the homepage that displays my coding activity, code editor and operating system, and even shows the top four languages I’ve been writing! I’m pretty hyped 😎

It’s all brought to you by the Wakatime API which I’d been wanting to use for a few weeks. Then I saw Jacob Herper’s GitHub Profile and was inspired to create my own little statistics section. Check out the homepage to see it in action. I’m so proud of it 😍 and hope you like it.

Oh! I centered the content area too, because the left aligned look from before was bugging the hell out of me. I can say I tried something different than my usual and learned I didn’t like it 😂

That’s it for now. I hope you’re as well as possible during these tough times. May the force be with you, always ❤️

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  1. frostedechoes frostedechoes
    @smith You used the wave generator! Looks great. I’d love to figure out how you did that.
  2. V_ V_
    @smith I hear you regading the riding the high – dooing the same right now. Feels so good to have fun again when doing development work!
  3. smith smith
    @V_ yay! I’m glad! It’s a great feeling.

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