I’m looking for some comics recommendations. What y’all got on your pull list these days?

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  1. Gabz Gabz
    @smith I am very out of it, trying to get back in, one I have bought the first four issues of its Mercy, from Image comics, seems pretty interesting. One that it’s on going also from image both SAGA and East of West.
  2. endonend endonend
    @smith Strange Adventures from Tom King, Decorum from Jonathan Hickman, Die by Kieron Gillen. Excited for The Scumbag by Rick Remender in October.
  3. smith smith
    @Gabz thanks! I like a lot of what Image puts out. I’ll have to take a look.
    @smith marvel doctor aphra or Vader are great
  5. mikehaynes mikehaynes
    @smith Adventureman, Death or Glory. Seconding Strange Adventures, and Mercy.
  6. smith smith
    @mikehaynes Death or Glory looks really interesting. Thanks so much for the recommendations.
  7. smith smith
    @LJPUK oh yes! I've heard good things. Will need to look into it
  8. smith smith
    @cm Aw man! Best of luck to your friend, but horror isn't for me 😱

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