We can’t have nice things can we? I thought Tesla was such an innovative company doing work that would help move us away from gasoline cars, but Elon Musk continues to show how much of a fucking asshole and troll he is. I just can’t support the company in good conscience for as long as he’s running it.

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  1. maique maique
    @smith I’ve seen this in a few other people. I’m not in the market for a Tesla, a cousin is, but I keep telling him (without success) what a creep Musk is, and why he shouldn’t ever get one, until the company decides to get rid of him. I feel exactly the same as you do, I would never get one unless he was out of the picture.
  2. smith smith
    @maique agreed. At this point, I think I just have to hope there are other car manufacturers working on something better and more affordable.

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