It’s never been clearer how absolutely fucked it is for Jeff Bezos to add 13 billion to his wealth in one day than during a global pandemic.

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  1. Cheri Cheri
    @smith Seattle just passed a payroll tax that will impact Amazon, and there’s a lot of screaming about how they’ll leave the region because we dared tax them. A whole years worth of that payroll tax, for the company, would be about 4% of Bezo’s single day stock increase.
  2. smith smith
    @Cheri oh my goodness. It’s ridiculous that these companies can essentially keep whole cities hostage too
  3. fgtech fgtech
    @smith People claim that they don’t want “big government,” but until we also don’t have “big business” operating this way we need all the government might we can summon to keep the abuse in check.

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