I’ve been an Ariana stan since day one. Yours Truly was on repeat for a solid month.

She’s come a long way, though. Not only have her lyrics grown up, but her vocals also continue to surprise. The woman is fucking talented, and I’m delighted by most of her new releases. I was listening to this album in my car the other day and realized that the list of songs I don’t like from Ariana is quite short.

Positions is no different. Ariana continues to deliver fantastic music that blends Pop and R&B incredibly well. I mean, with a voice like hers, it’d be hard to make bad music, but still. It’s remarkable. This album has some pretty horny lyrics, too, and um… fuck yes. I’m here for it. The guest list is pretty great too. I don’t find myself loving The Weeknd much, and yet their song together is perfect.

Anyway, give it a listen. I hope you like it as much as I did.

My favorites:

  1. 34+35
  2. off the table
  3. safety net (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
  4. positions
  5. love language

Webmentions 2

  1. caro 🖤🔮✨ caro 🖤🔮✨
    I have to give it another listen. I’ve always stanned her voice and have several of her songs on my playlists, I excitedly listened to the whole album when it came out and ... meh? I was very surprised to not respond to anything.

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