While all the re­sults aren’t in, it looks likely that Joe Biden will win the Presidency. This is a man who promised to veto Medicare for All dur­ing a pan­demic, wants to give more money to po­lice af­ter sum­mer-long protests against po­lice bru­tal­ity, and won’t com­mit to ban­ning frack­ing as we’re fac­ing the im­pend­ing doom of our species be­cause of the cli­mate cri­sis.

As Jimmy talks about in the video, the left needs to grow its power. I be­lieve it no longer makes sense to work within the Democratic party, but I’m not yet sure what that looks like. One thing is for sure: we need lead­ers that will fight for uni­ver­sal health­care, fight for our beau­ti­ful planet, fight to de­fund (and even­tu­ally abol­ish) polic­ing as we know it, and put an end to the end­less wars.

There’s much work to be done.

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