Kelly says I have a bit of a key­board prob­lem. You see, I have four key­boards in this of­fice, count­ing the one I’m cur­rently typ­ing on.

But the point of this post is­n’t to talk about how I’m go­ing to get this ad­dic­tion un­der con­trol, it’s more about show­ing you the new toy. I bought the Keychron K2, which is my first tenkey­less key­board. I’ve been cling­ing to that num­ber pad for some rea­son, but no longer!

Keyboard from the left angle

I’ve been us­ing the key­board for about a day and I’m pretty pleased so far. I bought the ver­sion with brown switches, which is also a first for me since blue switches are what I usu­ally pick. The brown switches are nice, but the blue ones are my fa­vorite. If you work close to peo­ple, brown switches are much softer and qui­eter, but I work at home all by my­self, so noise is­n’t re­ally an is­sue for me.

USB-A to USB-C cable, keycap puller, and alternate keycaps on my desk

The Keychron K2 comes with a USB-A to USB-C ca­ble, a key­cap puller, and al­ter­nate key­caps.

They moved the but­ton to con­trol the RGB back­lights, which is a wel­come change. I own the Keychron K1 and con­stantly hit that but­ton ac­ci­den­tally.

The only is­sue I have with this key­board (after a day of use, so take it with a grain of salt) is the miss­ing ⌥ option key on the right side. While their cus­tom screen­shot but­ton is pretty cool, I’d rather have the ⌥ option key, and move the fn key to the top.

You can buy your own start­ing at $69 USD.

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