Kelly and I went to go watch Rogue One on open­ing night. I pur­posely did­n’t read any­thing about the film, and was com­pletely spoiler-free go­ing in. Here are my thoughts, that are full of spoil­ers.

Spoilers Ahead!

If you haven’t watched the movie, this is a good time to stop read­ing. You’ve been warned.

  • It still felt like Star Wars with­out the crawl.
  • The score is ok. Michael Giacchino did a great job mak­ing it feel like Star Wars within the time he had to do it.
  • Understanding what the Death Star is made with was cool.
  • I don’t think we’ve vis­ited so many places in one Star Wars movie.
  • Felicity Jones and Diego Luna are amaz­ing in this movie.
  • Vader. Oh my good­ness. Vader, peo­ple. Vader. Vader.
  • I wanted more Vader.
  • James Earl Jones came back for Vader, and it was an awe­some… 2 scenes 😭.
  • This story adds so much con­text to A New Hope.
  • Leia’s mo­tion cap­ture face is ter­ri­ble.
  • The first two acts are a bit slow, and un­for­tu­nately don’t use the time to give more in­for­ma­tion about the sup­port­ing char­ac­ters.
  • Everyone dies. Everyone. That was a sur­prise for me, but made sense.
  • All in all, I re­ally liked it, but The Force Awakens is still my fa­vorite of the re­cent Star Wars movies.

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