Why is everyone building an electric pickup truck?

Here’s the problem: no one knows who that American electric pickup buyer is. “It’s not like people have been asking for this,” says Jessica Caldwell, the executive director of insights at Edmunds. “I don’t think people have been sitting around and thinking, ‘You now what I need? A pickup with an electric motor.’”

Being a hypochondriac during this time takes an emotional and physical toll on me that I don’t know how to grapple with or fix. And it’s exhausting.

Today’s Apple Event

Image of Timothy Smith

Happy Apple Event day peeps! I had fun watching this one. Here’s my unorganized list of thoughts on the event:

  • Apple has really stepped up their presentation game since the beginning of the pandemic. I’m not sure how they go back to the old style.
  • The HomePod Mini has me really excited. It’s a fun size, has so many great features, and it’s at a really good price. I can see eventually buying a few for the house. I’m hoping Apple ends up pricing the regular HomePod more along the lines of the Sonos One, but that may be wishful thinking since they already had reduced the price previously.
  • The new iPhone 12 has some cool colors. The repurposed MagSafe is very cool and will probably be the thing that pushed me to wireless charging.
  • The iPhone 12 Pro is unexciting to me. I’m not sure if it’s just things changing for me, but the extra camera features didn’t really feel like it was a must buy. Plus, I’m on the iPhone Upgrade Program and could save more than $20 by “downgrading.”
  • I agree with Louie that the house used during the HomePod Mini portion kind of made me upset. Considering how difficult a time this is for so many, I would’ve loved to see a more “normal people” house.

And those are my thoughts! I’ll probably be picking up HomePod Mini and a Black iPhone 12. What about you? What’d you think?

Meet the new owners of Clearleft

Our new owners are Alex, Chris and Tom. They’re James, Helen and Cassie; Lorenzo, Trys and Maite. I could go on but you see where we’re going here. The new owners of Clearleft are the people who power Clearleft and who make Clearleft so special. It’s our whole team, in the form of an Employee Ownership Trust.

That’s right; Clearleft will be run for—and on behalf of—all our team, now and in the future. So rather than working for a company where the benefits go to a handful of individuals, they will be shared evenly amongst the team.

A whole-hearted congratulations to everyone at Clearleft on this wonderful news. This is the way of the future.

Billionaires hurt economic growth and should be taxed out of existence, says bestselling French economist

“Entrepreneurs will have millions or tens of millions,” he said. “But beyond that, those who have hundreds of millions or billions will have to share with shareholders, who could be employees. So no, there won’t be billionaires anymore. How can we justify that their existence is necessary for the common good? Contrary to what is often said, their enrichment was obtained thanks to these collective goods, which are the public knowledge, the infrastructures, the laboratories of research.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: billionaires are a stain on humanity. No one should have more money than they could ever spend in their lifetime while people are unhoused and go hungry.

Sent in my ballot yesterday. I voted for @howiehawkins and @AngelaNWalker. They support Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, ending the war on drugs by legalizing marijuana, $2000/month UBI as part of their COVID relief plan, community control of the police, and so much more. I’m so proud to have voted for two working class people that are fighting for policies we need.

One of the best purchases I’ve made this year is my 26 oz. Yeti Rambler. I take it everywhere with me, it doesn’t alter the taste of your drink, and you can feel good about eliminating yet another single-use plastic.

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