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Thoughts on AMC A‑List

As soon as we saw news of AMC doing a sub­scrip­tion, Kel­ly and I were con­vinced to sign up. Here are the things I like, and don’t like about it.


  • Three movies a week is amaz­ing. We love movies, but don’t usu­al­ly see more than three a week. That being said, since we’ve had the sub­scrip­tion, we’ve hit that lim­it a few times already.
  • The buy­ing expe­ri­ence is real­ly sim­ple and easy.
  • Can­cel­ing a reser­va­tion is sim­ple and easy.
  • No restric­tions on watch­ing movies on open­ing night, which we love to do.
  • Feels like we’re just anoth­er movie­go­er except we don’t pay at the end.
  • $19.95/month feels expen­sive, but when you think about it, you would­n’t even get two movies at $10/ticket. With AMC A‑List, you get 12 movies a month.
  • You col­lect rewards points for your con­ces­sion pur­chas­es and the price of the sub­scrip­tion. That’s awesome.


  • No fam­i­ly account. I don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly want a dis­count, just a way to con­nect accounts as part of the same family.
  • This means I can’t buy our tick­ets togeth­er. Instead we both need to reserve sep­a­rate­ly and make sure we have seats together.

If you want more info, I rec­om­mend read­ing through the FAQ.

As you can see, the pros far out­weigh the cons. If you live near an AMC the­ater, and you love going to the movies, this sub­scrip­tion is for you.