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Fantastic Four’ Sucked

Brooks Barnes writ­ing for the New York Times:

20th Cen­tu­ry Fox’s big-bud­get Fan­tas­tic Four” went down in flames at the week­end box office, adding to fears about super­hero fatigue[…]

Super­hero fatigue? No. Peo­ple want a well-made film with a great story.

Every­thing seems to point to the fact that if Fox would’ve let Josh Trank do the film he want­ed, the movie might have been bet­ter. Although I’m still not sure it would’ve been good.

But the notion that peo­ple didn’t watch this movie because of super­hero fatigue” is utter­ly stu­pid. Peo­ple didn’t watch because they could smell the stink a mile away.