Tom New­ton talk­ing about a new Type­kit fea­ture:

When your Dynam­ic Kit JavaScript loads in the brows­er it detects the char­ac­ters you’re using and requests that only the used char­ac­ters are sent. For exam­ple, say you’re using a type­face to set a home­page h1 to read Betty’s But­tery Bak­ery” then instead of the font-file con­tain­ing all of it’s glyphs, it will only con­tain B‑E-K-R-S-T-U-Y-‘ in a small­er (much faster load­ing) font file.

This makes so much sense. Why down­load the whole glyph set when you’re most like­ly not using it all? With more atten­tion then ever on per­for­mance, this is a big win.

Via CSS Tricks.