New Beginnings

For the past two years, I’ve run my own busi­ness, Any­thin’ Goes. I’ve been so incred­i­bly hap­py to work on some awe­some projects with great peo­ple. On Mon­day, I begin a new chapter.

As some of you know, I’m get­ting mar­ried to my best friend in May. Since Decem­ber, I’d been look­ing for a great com­pa­ny to join. Look­ing for a job is a dif­fi­cult process. You end up read­ing a lot of job descrip­tions; some are writ­ten well, oth­ers are real­ly not.

Two weeks ago, I inter­viewed with Matt Crest. The first inter­view went real­ly well. On the sec­ond inter­view, I was con­vinced. I real­ly want­ed this job. I was excit­ed about the work, and I felt I fit with the team.

Mon­day, March 30th, is my first day at Artlet­ic. I’m so excit­ed about this oppor­tu­ni­ty. I’ll be able to use my skills to help the team, but I know there will be much for me to learn from this great group of people.

I’ve inter­viewed with a lot of com­pa­nies in the past four months, and I thank them all for chat­ting with me. I also want to thank all of you who made intros for me, hired me in the last two years, and who sent me job list­ings you thought I’d be great for. That type of gen­eros­i­ty can nev­er be ful­ly repaid, but I promise to try my best.

I want to give a spe­cial shoutout to Matthew Kam­mer­er, Jory Raphael, Nicole Dominguez, Chris Kennedy, Jonathan Cutrell, John Locke, Myke Hur­ley, and Bermon Painter. If it weren’t for you, there would’ve been months that I would­n’t have been able to pay my rent. You did­n’t know it, but your help was mon­u­men­tal, and I thank you.

Now, on to new beginnings.