Howdy! I’m Tim —

a Latinx geek, coffee snob, and maker of stuff in Oceanside, CA

I’m a talented designer and developer that’s worked on the web for over ten years building thoughtful, intuitive, and inclusive user experiences.

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  • 63 hrs 50 mins
  • VS Code on Mac
  • CSS 24 hrs 35 mins
  • SCSS 14 hrs 53 mins
  • TypeScript 8 hrs 14 mins
  • JavaScript 6 hrs 30 mins

About Me

I love Star Wars, coffee, taking pictures, spending time with friends, reading comics, writing on my blog, making YouTube videos, watching movies, playing board games, and spending time naked near water (except lakes 🤮. Not a huge fan of lakes).

I was born and raised in Southern California. In 2012, I moved to Minnesota and spent seven years there. It was a great adventure. It helped me grow in ways I would’ve never imagined and lead me to meet my incredible spouse.

I’m an empathetic human, striving to be kind and loving to my fellow humans.

Work Stuff #

I’m a Senior Frontend Engineer at 10up.

I’m also the creator of Bokeh. In 2019, I successfully raised over $10k on Kickstarter to create an initial app. Bokeh is an Instagram alternative to share photos with friends and family privately.

Previously, I was the Senior Producer at Changelog, Senior UX Designer & Developer at Mealthy, Design Mentor at Bloc, UX Developer at Galvanize, and Owner of Anythin’ Goes. Relay FM, Carbon Ads, &Yet, Lullabot, Crush & Lovely, and The Clinton Foundation are more of the amazing organizations I’ve had the chance to work with. Here’s my resume if you’re interested.

Other Cool Stuff #

I hosted The East Wing from 2012–2015. It was a podcast that interviewed people who build the web. The podcast was nominated for a Net Magazine award two years in a row.

I had a blog called Bright Pixels (formerly The Bold Report) that I wrote from 2013–2019. My writing has also appeared on A List Apart, UX Booth, and Net Magazine. If you’d like me to write for your publication, my email address is listed below.

Contact #

I love receiving email from real people, so fire away! You can also find me on Twitter as @smithtimmytim.

Stay in the Loop

I send a periodic email with life updates and new projects. No spam. No shenanigans.