Capitalism feeds us all this lie that good people don’t take handouts, that they pull themselves up by their bootstraps, create their own luck, and are successful in direct correlation to the effort they put in. This is a lie that only benefits the rich, and allows them to continue to exploit the working class without consequence.

After watching some early reviews, I’m even more excited about the HomePod Mini. While there are other smart speakers that may do more or have wider compatibility with devices, I just don’t trust the companies that make them.

Working people delivered Biden his victory. Now he needs to deliver for them.

But the result was also a warning for Biden: In the midst of overlapping national crises, his administration has a critical window to deliver for the working people and young people who got him elected. If he fails to meet the moment — if he seeks instead to return us to a “normalcy” marked by corporate handouts and extreme inequality — then the next Trump might be far more dangerous than the one we just defeated. We can see hints of this already in the way voters of color — perennially taken for granted by the Democratic Party — shifted marginally toward Trump in 2020. Though they still carried Biden to victory by a 46-point margin, the lesson is clear: The Democratic Party ignores its base at its own peril.

Nina 🙌🏽

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Ends Truce by Warning ‘Incompetent’ Democratic Party

“It’s really hard for us to turn out nonvoters when they feel like nothing changes for them. When they feel like people don’t see them, or even acknowledge their turnout,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“If the party believes after 94% of Detroit went to Biden, after Black organisers just doubled and tripled turnout down in Georgia, after so many people organised Philadelphia, the signal from the Democratic party is the John Kasich won us this election? I mean, I can’t even describe how dangerous that is.”

Let’s set aside the fact that AOC is said to be the one ending the truce here, when that is not the case. Never-Trump Republicans and establishment democrats haven’t stopped punching left.

But that aside, this is what I want to see from her right now. Fighting for policy the majority of the country wants isn’t divisive. The Left can’t keep playing the game of compromising with the right, when millions of lives hang in the balance.

No Honeymoon for Joe Biden

If there was ever a case where the victory of the lesser evil over the greater evil merited busting out a bottle or two of champagne, this was it. But once you’ve sobered up, remember that being less evil than Trump is fully compatible with being an implacable enemy of the working class. The incoming Joe Biden administration doesn’t deserve an ounce of credit for having the right intentions or a day of progressives patiently waiting to see how it acts before pivoting to a posture of opposition.

I enjoyed this article. The historical context for why we should be in opposition to Biden from day one makes a lot of sense too.

In case you’re wondering, we are at the end of Empire Strikes Back right now. This is the point where we regroup and get ready to fight more. The empire hasn’t been defeated. It’s alive and well.

Listening: Positions by Ariana Grande 🎶

Image of Timothy Smith

I’ve been an Ariana stan since day one. Yours Truly was on repeat for a solid month.

She’s come a long way, though. Not only have her lyrics grown up, but her vocals also continue to surprise. The woman is fucking talented, and I’m delighted by most of her new releases. I was listening to this album in my car the other day and realized that the list of songs I don’t like from Ariana is quite short.

Positions is no different. Ariana continues to deliver fantastic music that blends Pop and R&B incredibly well. I mean, with a voice like hers, it’d be hard to make bad music, but still. It’s remarkable. This album has some pretty horny lyrics, too, and um… fuck yes. I’m here for it. The guest list is pretty great too. I don’t find myself loving The Weeknd much, and yet their song together is perfect.

Anyway, give it a listen. I hope you like it as much as I did.

My favorites:

  1. 34+35
  2. off the table
  3. safety net (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
  4. positions
  5. love language

Jimmy Dore: ‘Nobody Who Voted for the Iraq War Should Become the President of the United States’

Joe Biden might win, but the American people have lost yet again

While all the results aren’t in, it looks likely that Joe Biden will win the Presidency. This is a man who promised to veto Medicare for All during a pandemic, wants to give more money to police after summer-long protests against police brutality, and won’t commit to banning fracking as we’re facing the impending doom of our species because of the climate crisis.

As Jimmy talks about in the video, the left needs to grow its power. I believe it no longer makes sense to work within the Democratic party, but I’m not yet sure what that looks like. One thing is for sure: we need leaders that will fight for universal healthcare, fight for our beautiful planet, fight to defund (and eventually abolish) policing as we know it, and put an end to the endless wars.

There’s much work to be done.

Liberals are mad that John Mulaney said a true thing on a show that normally just upholds the status quo. I don’t get it. Why be upset about it being said, rather than the fact it’s true?

If you still aren’t on board with this country needing radical and revolutionary change, I’m not sure what’s gonna do it.

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